What can we do for you?

When you want to grow your team and relocate specialists to Estonia, we'll take care of the entire process, including:

  • Immigration to Estonia – Estonian visa, residence permit and all other compulsory paperwork and registrations for foreign workers.
  • Destination services – from opening a bank account to getting a family doctor. Whatever must be arranged in a new country, we’ll help to get it done.
  • Home search – introducing town, finding a perfect home, assisting with lease negotiations. We’ll even help you get pillows and blankets if needed!
  • School & kindergarten search – finding the best solutions in education in Estonia for the employee’s family.
  • Town orientation, adjustment & cross-cultural trainings, networking – getting your employees and their families really settled.
  • Consultation for companies – from how to set up business in Estonia to global mobility related topics.
Why work with us? We really take your employees hand in hand and manage the relocation in the most personal way possible.

With whom have we worked?


"We were thoroughly impressed with the highest degree of professionalism, honesty and dedication of the team of MoveMyTalent who has provided full support in the relocation of our employees to Tallinn. The quality of services provided are indeed outstanding and we look forward to continuing our cooperation."

Nick Dobrovolskiy, PARALLELS

"The experience of relocating with the help of MoveMyTalent was really simple and pleasant. They helped to overcome possible worries related to the move. Respect to them and all the best!"

Vladyslav Semerenko, BIGBANK

"MoveMyTalent supported us in all steps of our movement and helped to structure such a big process to small and clear parts. Laura was very kind to provide us with all necessary information during each step of our relocation, visit different authorities with us and even make some documentary work instead of us."

Alex Blinov, DEVSOFT

"I was really impressed with the local insight and knowledge you provided, the speed and ease of communication and most importantly how smooth, easy and fast you made the process for our employee and his spouse, at the same time taking the load off our internal HR. Great job and I will for sure turn to you agin."

Urszula Kawa, GELATO GROUP


Who are we?

We help people fulfil their dreams in a new environment. Helping people move to Estonia & get settled here is what we really love to do. We are the most experienced relocation service provider in Estonia, having  relocated 1000+ talents & their families.

Our team 

Our small size allows us to work closely with our clients and provide a highly personal service. And besides that we are all really lovely!

Hanno Ahonen
Kristiina Kibe
Relocation consultant
Saale Kreen
Relocation consultant
Laura Sildmäe
Partner (maternity leave)
Lilika Käis
relocation consultant
Kristin Aru
Relocation consultant (maternity leave)

Our partners

Some of our great friends who help us ensure that all your questions will  definitely get answered.