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Tallinn has a fairly good public transportation system that consists of buses, trams, trolleys and even trains.


There is one especially good thing about public transportation in Tallinn. Once having registered yourself to live in Tallinn, you will be able to get access to free public transportation within the city.

The ticket-system works in a way that you need to purchase yourself a green plastic card (this can be bought from R-kiosks, information desks of shopping malls or post offices). In case you are not a Tallinn resident, you can charge money on the plastic card and pay for every ride. Or you can get transportation cards for a longer period (monthly ticket, weekly ticket, 3-day or 1-day ticket). No matter which package you get, it is important that you swipe your card in front of the card reader every time when entering the vehicle and register it. Additionally, you can purchase a 1-hour ticket from the driver, but that will be more expensive.

Once registering yourself as a Tallinn citizen, you can personalize this green card and from now on, the card reader on buses will know that you can ride for free. The personalization can be done online at or at R-kiosks, grocery store information desks or post offices.

In case you ride without a ticket or without registering your card (even if you actually have a valid or a free ticket), you may get a 40€ fine from the Tallinn municipal police.

You can find more information about the transportation system and tickets from:


Another thing to bear in mind in Tallinn is the parking system – all central town is covered by paid parking areas. Most of the streets go under the town’s parking zones: Old Town/Vanalinn (with 6€/hour) that is marked blue on the parkingmap; Downtown/Südalinn (with 4,80€/hour) that is marked red on the parking map; Central town/Kesklinn (with 1,50€/hour) that is marked green on the map. In all town’s zones, you can park for free during the first 15 minutes, but you must definitely mark the starting time of parking on the windshield. In Central town/Kesklinn you can also park for free between 19.00-07.00 and on Saturdays after 15:00 and Sundays full day.

Additionally, Tallinn has numerous private parking areas and parking lots, which are marked with a blue sign and that all have different prices and parking rules. You can read the specific parking lot’s cost and zone name from the label.

The easiest and most convenient way to pay for parking is with your mobile phone. You can either download an application (Parkimine or and tie it with your credit card or pay from your mobile balance by sending text messages.

To start parking with a text message from an Estonian SIM, you should send the following message to nr 1902:
Car registration number, empty space, zone name
For example:
123ABC Kesklinn
To end parking, call 1903.
Read more about parking at

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